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For websites new and old, contact us! 



Find new customers! Build your audience!

Promote your event, new music or business with Milk it Media.

Below you will find the rates and social promo options.

Don't wait, Build today! 


Fully Branded Website Creation

Need a Full Website?

We're talking 

"the bells and whistles"

Automatic emails,

E-commerce (*price increases with larger stores), Social Media links.... up to 6pages


Landing Pages


Basic Website Creation

Need a funnel?

Contact Milk it Media today to start the creation of your new website today!  


3 pages

Site Edits & Updates


Is your website coming soon?

Milk it Media will make a landing page, and include a subscriber box, so you can let your audience know when your site launches!  

1 page

Do you have an existing site that needs some changes?

Maybe you need information updated, maybe you have changed your business a little bit or released a new video.

Whatever the reason Milk It Media is here for you!

Contact us today! 


*Flyers can be designed by Milk it Media Marketing for an additional cost.*


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